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I am not perfect.

March 23, 2013

Well, the truth is no one is perfect. Perfection that you see is a mirage that a person created based on preconceived expectation and desire. In time that might fade or accentuate depending on how all actors perform their roles.

Flaws made us human and because of this flaw we strive for perfection. A vicious cycle that confuse and drain. Nonetheless, mistakes prove that we are trying. And try is all we need to utilise opportunity given to us.

you either be first, be smarter or you cheat.

Truth is when morning comes, this feeling of inadequacy will further develop that I would be calmer when the actual time arrive. What if scenarios flashes with probabilities stacked against the desired outcome frustratingly which is baffling.

All in all, fortune favours the brave, and currently that is the only luxury that I might be able to utilise. I hope I don’t dissapoint.


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