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The Person

June 22, 2012

Whoever could’ve guess where life sail towards. Opportunities arises, chances missed, disappointment occurs, bliss blossoms. You seek what need to be clear and heal whatever that is hurt. C’est la vie.

The boss once said to me, ” In a relationship, there’s always someone who would love more than the other. Find someone who would’ve loved you more than you do”. Though I find it selfish, it does hold some truth. Only by loving someone more would allow a relationship to remains status quo. This is because if both love equally when crisis come both will then also hate equally.

In a market economy, the non-existence equilibrium creates opportunity. In a relationship, a mismatch level of love creates opportunity to establish a relationship foundation.

Being a “person” to someone is key to this. The longing and dependence creates demand which will then incite supply. Emotional sparks are the price and it will forever be demanding.

I wish that when the time come, I will rise. As I had before and then shattered in the aftermath. Intensity is me. And you will like it or you won’t, but I will always be like this. I’m done trying to accomodate and coming second best. I’m done.

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