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2011 hindsights. Cherished. Love.

January 25, 2012
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It has been months since I last posted. Truthfully, I can’t write anything personal anymore without appearing bitter. I am not a bitter man.

Nonetheless, 2011 has provide me with the opportunities to achieve much in life. Slight hiccups along the way but attributed it to life natural course. Follows are what I cherished the most:

  1. The ‘unemployed-graduate’ experience. I must say earlier on, I had it easy. And perhaps due to it, I appreciate it lesser. Experiencing this grants me the opportunity to empathise on the desperation of others who are struggling to enter the workforce. It is not an easy feat. Desperation is known to stretch someone’s values to its limit.
  2. Make hiking up Chilling Fish Sanctuary in Kuala Kubu Baru a routine. Did a hike up regularly for four months until I had a job offer. It is my sanctum. Blissfully cool, the best somersault I’ve ever did, and the first time I really smile after that black day.
  3. Learnt to make cold potato pasta, cashew nut chicken, chicken tomato stew, baked mac’n’cheese and personalised baked macaroni. Wanted to make carbonara and bruchetta from scratch and and all other italian man’s food. My taste buds origin.
  4. Learnt about coffee.
  5. Given up on learning Mandarin from audio CD.
  6. Took care of the parents. Unexpectedly, both of my parents were admitted for surgery around the same time. Parents are babies sometimes. But I love them unconditionally with every ounces  of my heart.
  7. Accepted a job offer that I’m really thankful off. Experienced boss, horizontal set-up, cohesive-symbiotic-different and experienced co-workers, loads of opportunities, a lot of fun, travelling to places I’ve never thought off, and a lot more. The stress, expectations and slight office politics may sour the whole experience a bit but that part and parcel of a career. No?
  8. Successfully ran Putrajaya Night Marathon. No…actually the 5km Fun Run. But, I have to start somewhere right?
  9. Conquered Bukit Tabur which is the longest Quartz Ridge the Southeast Asia, climbed half of Gunung Nuang and hiked up Broga Hill. On which i did something embarassing which still brought silly smile on my face.
  10. Went on a successful food trip along the northern region with 14 like-minded bestfriends. I can still remember our laughters and bloated-ness. May we experience this more in years to come.
  11. Had a burger name after me.
  12. Watched loads of theatres, movies, music showcase and indie art events. Haven’t mingled much though.
  13. Real friends stick together. Seem like a protective glue around me sometimes. Not-so-real friends, suddenly disappear. But it’s all good, I am still your friend.
  14. Kept the head bald for one whole year. Call it purification, call it a fashion statement, call it weird. I call it being bald.
  15. Started going to the gym. Regularly. Goal is to be stronger.
  16. Had my own writing published. Internationally. Wicked right?
  17. Slowly picked up my pieces. Shattered pieces are harder clean because along the way, new wound appears.
  18. Being a better man is still a work-in-progress.
  19. My best friends got married. To each others. Happy and proud.
  20. The amount of restaurants I’ve tried, makes me wonder why didn’t spent some time writing a review.
  21. Spent a lot more time with the family.
  22. Hosted parents silver jubilee. Proud of the family and may we live long and prosper.
  23. Cycle from Kapar to Sungai Perak. 120km in 15 hours. Slow, I know. Was supposed to do Kapar to Lumut which is 180km. One thing for sure, it is not easy so I’m really proud of this final achievement of 2011.

c’est la vie and carpe diem.

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