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Extinguishing flame. Fleeting thought.

June 25, 2011
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By the River Piedra I sat down and wept. I wish that after finishing the cerita aku post, the tears will dry and the heart will

Sitting alone at the place of happy meals does not create any form of happiness. In this lonely moment, the eyes are open and induce pang of jealousy to the couple outside – who sat drinking coffee carefree even when it is really 6.30am wet friday morning.

Looking on, made the heart beam noting the existence of love around and breaks noting that none of that is mine.

The misconception that I’ll blame others for this is generally accepted and not to be argued. Truth is, I know you won’t hear this, I’ve always blame myself for any shortcomings. I strive to please, but know that inevitably human heart’s cannot be entire pleased.

I wish that in time, I’ll find you who understand the whole of me. The best part which attract you in the first place, the worst which I promise to worked on. In time.

written a few month back before I went on a work trip to Singapore. Didn’t realised I haven’t post this till now.

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