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I felt alive.

February 20, 2011

Could the basketball spirit somehow mysteriously left the body? Its understandable to missed inside-D jumpshots and drive-in layup because I’ve never got over the fear (I’m not sure how to explain this fear tho) but I can’t even make those 3-pointers anymore. No reasons that I can fathom except for my follow through seem shaky. In the event that I did made those beautiful shot-in-basket, it is because I was under extreme pressure and it become more of reflex movements rather than…awesome 3-point shots.

Nonetheless, to spent my evening with you, you and all of them does makes it indeed well spent. Regardless of how hectic this week been, what with meetings, assignment due and running around like headless chicken. One more week, before I welcome Miss Stress back into my life. I hope twoOeleven bring about the resiliency I usually had but lost miserably in twenty10.

hati rasa ada bunga bila orang faham apa yang kita rasa.walau bukan sentiasa.walau cuma tika,

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