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Tonight, close your eyes and dream of possibilities.

February 7, 2011

On saturday, the people got what they want. People cheered that democracy will now be alive. The dictatorial-western linked president will now leave the building. However, I have to say that my view on public demonstration and violence has never been favourable. Be it in the part of the bribe-infested police force and also the secretly ill-intent saboteurs. We sing of peace. We chant for peace. The religions we all believe abhor violence. Yet it is the last resort you said. A government could only be toppled by forced, by fighting, by demonstrating, by throwing, by losing lives. Then, truly – democracy is dead, in your eyes. The good is only on the other side, in your eyes.

I am dissatisfied. With how those who went to the most renowned Islamic university could forget of one thing –syukur. You know who you are- because if you ever tried to look for the guilty, you only need to look into a mirror. And now as the fire of revolt dies out and you were safe and left unscathed, you had the cheek to ask for more help? Repulsive and forever be a mentality that doomed us.


Peace is forever an option. If there is always an argument that force is needed for a greater good, then now, especially now a more peaceful option is needed. The distortion of mass media, news broadcasters, fiery blogs and eloquent yet decieving leaders must be stopped. We must have the ability to think rationally and do what is right. Because, when we fail this we also fail as a human race.

I hope this post would stop my anger to you lots. Because seriously, my head throbs in pain trying to stop it.

Kenapa you sayang i sangat? – kata yang awalnya buat aku jatuh dan pula akhirnya terjatuh

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