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I don’t eat people.

January 26, 2011

I don’t have a friendly face but my intentions have never been mala fide.

There is actually an irony in my topic today – Interlok. Referring to all my previous entries, it could be deduced that I have no problem writing in Malay. Simple malay syllables and cryptic ones. But, why do I chose to comment this issue in English? Because, dear sir/madam, you couldn’t understand Bahasa Malaysia and its importance.

I am saddened by the remarks made by certain quarter who establish that the work of a celebrated Sasterawan Negara is, how do we put it, un-1Malaysia spirtually. As a Malaysian-citizen, by birth and by existance, I have to ask this – is it not the language that the students are embrancing rather than a word that is used to describe past generalisation?

Why are we so afraid of the past? Is it changing us? Will it destroy us?

For more than 50 years, we lived and intersect each other lives, co-existing and relying on each other – and you are still worried that the word would induced discomfort and low self-esteem?

In diversifed, multi-ethnic, multi-religion Malaysia – the things that we have in common between each other are the soils we stand upon and the national language that we must know and speak. It is of no use parading you’re Malaysian first, Malay second (an example) if you can’t even hold your Bahasa Malaysia syntax propertly. Even if the word remind you of a very dark past, it too can never be justified the omission or magically-disappearance of the word.

Ada faham ka?

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