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Buffet.Of Foods and Feelings.Friends Are Forever.

August 21, 2010

I had a really great time today. Kinda had the best meal outside home as of yesterday. Really hope that there is more to come. JW Marriott Kl, you rocks. Great ambience, exceptional foods (lroast lambs, nasi dagang, satay, roti jala, ice cream, choc pudding are collectively fantabulous, but maybe you could work the patin better), awesome company, spectacular conversation being thrown all over the air and well-timed opportunity arises.

Dear friends,

Do know that I don’t talk or captivate a conversation with just about anyone. Being able to let it out, to ask, to discuss, to confess and to say all that I have said today is surely refreshing. I expect no less from all you and all this while, I haven’t been dissapointed.  May we be friends as long as the earth is drenched with rain and the grass shines of the sun.

Dear gadis,

Do know that I haven’t budge an inch through the storm and tornado. I am steadfast and resolute pledging my great love for you. The decisison made was not a spur of the monet nor was it with dark intention cloud. To be able to work it out everytime, requires patience. Sabarlah, deng. We have a whole future to chart and colours with bright happy colour erasing dark gloomy crayon’s mark. All we need now is your unwavering believe and especially, unconditional love. Perhaps, its time for you to decide whether my face is the one that brought you happiness when you wakes up every morning.

I’d like to sing love me, love me, say that you love me – however, better judgment prove that obedience and trust are two different approach to relationship. Tiap kali gagal, aku cuba lagi.

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