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The immature.The election. The relationship.

January 17, 2009

We do things not just because we want to, but also because we have to. And interestingly it’s not a question of how we want things to be nor how it is supposed to be: it is a question of what can be if we want to and tried. Do realize, it is not the rosy part that is always beautiful in life, as there is still pain and suffering that is deemed beautiful and heart-warming which in turn reciprocate other similar feeling and sometimes outshone the pale beauty of the rosy part.

Lets elaborate. By virtue and natural occurance, we shouldered extra responsibilities in tandem with our level of maturity. Sometimes, we may be entrusted with responsibility that is beyond the level of our known maturity. But truth be told there is no other better way to learn than taking that first dive. People have expectations. Sometimes, it is from these people who gave us trust that we learnt and became better. Ready to face anything heads-on. Not blinded by just feelings and sentiments. Nor stupefy by other prowess and wits. I know I learnt from this school of thought. Will you too try to learn from it?

Election is coming! polling day is in two days time. Are we ready?it has been discussed by many, elaborated by some, slandered and misused by quarters, sabotage by the ungrateful, tarnished by those who has a small brain and lack finesse.  It is a university representative poll, not a head of state election. It gave little impact unless we start taking a more realistic approach towards the betterment of university. It is useless if those who wanted to be elected, market themselves as shiny as a mirror…but when elected their minds and hearts fall prey to most known sins of being in power. I don’t think stooping as low as most of the others, will create a better you. I don’t think character assassinating other would avoid yours from being done the same. I don’t think if you said you’ll push the government to adopt a strategic approach towards a critical issue, that it will happen during your tenure.

To me, towards creating a better society : we don’t need to win it all. We don’t need to adopt a conservative front, we don’t need to shove an ideology into someone throat, we don’t need to be corrupted. Can we become better?


I know someone felt neglected a bit these day. Power never come without burdening responsibility, sayang.

I just need you to know this : I want you. No others but you. I’ll make time, I’ll work on myself and I’ll be better. I don’t think the quarrel is unnecessary. Its good in a sense that : we are not turning into boring english. You’re what I want for my future, so it made little sense that I don’t feel good about us. Its you that made feel happy, relieved, relaxed and strong. To have a follower sidekick walking the treacherous roads is all that I asked for. Thank you for being you, munchkin.

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  1. dfarhana permalink
    January 21, 2009 6:29 pm

    on the immature topic, yea, i agree that to learn something you have to try first. and being good before, doesnt mean you are good all the time. but, somehow we do have to accept that not everyone is like us, some are better, some are not. heh.

    as for election, i xnak ckp pa2 lagi.

    if we are not turning into boring english, then what are we? :p yea, u should be lucky to have a sidekick who gets really upset when people did injustice (ceh!) to you.

    u are welcome.

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