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plethora.I said it’re my munchkin.

November 21, 2008


people says its a rite of passage. I’ve read in a book that it’ll change the man in you. It is suppose to prepare you for the future.

I say?

Its true. I’m patient. But it require a new level of patience. I’m resourceful. But it require a new level of resourceful-ness. It’s boring. I can be boring. But, again, it’s new level of boring.

Nonetheless, I’ll face it. Because: it’s what we do. We are student after all. Learning does not end with the pro-forma provided to us earlier in the semester.

So, dear close one, don’t worry. We’ll face it together. Yea, the bruise and the scratch is so much better with you.


I’ve a problem with you. Is it that hard to follow the rule? Is it that cool to break it? Is it cool to be scold by someone younger than you. You’re the epitome of the saying that ‘maturity does not come with age’ . Please, do set an example. Your batch and mine’s has been creating a lot of bad precedents. What would become of us?


Do you know, that I’m the least affected by you? Try as you may now, but i’ve known better. You could try. You could say anything. In the end, all that matter is: it’s my decision to make. So, save yourself a little dignity and grow up.


I know. I know. I made stupid decisions sometime. I can’t see things the way you see it. But, does that mean it is wrong? Does that mean I haven’t tried? The way I see it, the decision is the right one at the point that I’m making it. It might not be so, a little afterward, but at that time and given the circumstances it is the right one.

Maybe all we got to do is accept that others have their reasons. And, at our level of brain-functioning it is safe to assume people tried to do their best UNTIL proven otherwise. I bet it will make you less tired and much much more happier.


I’m happy. Jolly happy. You’d know why. You’re the source of it after all. If you’re happy, I am happy. It’s as simple as that. yes, baby it’s fact.

By the way, the 7 and the 8 and the accompanying surprise makes it worth the pain. What I didn’t tell you is how much pain accompany the making of the 48 oops 47. And yes, I still do remember my one big promise and conquest. I’m betting you’ll be trying hard to figure out what is it,eyh?

p/s: another 6 to go and I’m loving every moment of it. I’m melting you ain’t I?

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