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rose envisage.

October 21, 2008

I wonder why? Did I do wrong? Have I not done enough?

I think the biggest fear of mine is getting hurt. Especially in the matter of the heart. Mostly, in the matter of heart. I felt played today. It seem too obvious. Don’t you even want to veil it if not for the future then for the sake of the friendship? I didn’t know what to say. Yea, I felt played yesterday. The way I tried to reveal my heart be treated as just something like ‘i ate mee kari today’ is not cool. It’s not cool.

Yes, I am jealous. Any man would. All man would. Didn’t the reasoning valid? have I not reacted as maturely possible? You said you didn’t want too follow the childlike desire, but what change your mind?

You’ve made my day. But congratulation is in order anyway. This post seem patchy, I can’t organize how I felt.I figured out why too : I’ve fallen for you.

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