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You.Stand by me.Hugs wanted.

October 9, 2008

Chances come and go. It wouldn’t be right to be retracing our steps just because we’d like to explore things that we have passed and in the same time loosening the grasp on the option you’re having now. But when I said it wouldn’t be right, it does not mean that it is entirely wrong. There will come the time when we realized that the option we’ve passed or didn’t get the chance to explore due to certain reasons suddenly  pop back up in front of us. How do you react and make you’re move? Now….I can’t be helping you to decide on this. Trust the heart and mind, both of which have been with you longer than the option that suddenly arises. It has to be on ‘own-decision’ basis as it involves your wellbeing and future. Other’s opinions and contradictions sometimes would just make the dark water more murky. Their judgement is true, but in the matter of the heart, what is true to someone might not be so true for others. My adivce, which also something I picked up from the last lecture by randy pausch, is to not make the decision until you have to. To me, by bidding your time, you’ll prepare yourself better and a good preparation is never a bad thing. Hastiness would only result in faulty and reckless judgement.

I’m having a hard time reassuring others that whatever that is happening now is manageable and not worthy of being stressed out. Some would say that what they are doing is not enough, never enough, too much for his own good, not good and felt insecure about it, and not good at all.full stop. All I can say is all these is a good thing. The first step toward addressing a problem is to acknowledge we have a problem. Now let us work together to find the answers. It is better for us to work our mind through a problem and not mull it alone. A few heads are better than one. But, remember, too many heads would make the problem bigger and unmanageable in the process. Discuss it with the worthy-of-answer people and not the people on the backstreet.

I have a problem. I can’t really pinpoint it exactly. But I know I have a problem. I’ll tell you once I’ve made certain of it. But, right now I’m in a better shape than before. So, the problem should be easy to settle. Maybe I just need people to listen. By the way, I miss affectionate hugs.

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  1. October 13, 2008 8:54 am

    hey, you linked me up! i didn’t know u have a blog.. ^-^”

  2. Saba Yousaf permalink
    October 30, 2008 10:18 pm

    I can tell you that listening to your friends will not be in your favour or best interest but in opposition to both yourself and the other party. You know who we should be listening to, those who have knowledge. Because this is a matter of the heart and (True) Love- best to follow it through. You know it exists, they don’t believe in it though. This chance is rare, very special, so meaningful and for a great cause too.
    Missing out on a chance that God gave you is being ungrateful for His favours, as we are being tested. It’s about how much you trust in God, His promise to be fulfilled. It’s sure difficult and it requires patience and strong belief.
    Delaying a marriage can not be a good thing, who knows the chance may go. Just another big sacrifice though. I wish you’d talk to me, i’d be ‘nice and understanding.’ When you know it can work out, just need an answer to be sure.

  3. afiq syarifuddin permalink*
    November 1, 2008 3:00 pm

    @niea–i do have la.comments if you like and if you didn’t.

    @saba yousaf–“I wish you’d talk to me, i’d be ‘nice and understanding.’ When you know it can work out, just need an answer to be sure”

    you are serious bout this?

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