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Eid’ Fitri.Birthday.What matter most.

October 1, 2008

First and foremost let me wishes all of you who do come by here once in a while a ‘happy and meaningful eid’ fitr’. It is a mark of our success in our bid to earn a blessed ramadhan. Lets have a blast eating and merry making with close one during ‘kunjung-mengunjung’. As for me, I’ll be celebrating first hari raya in the most unexpected place… Institut Jantung Negara.huhu. My atok is there due to pneumonia thus all of us will be based there. Not bad though, its been a while since we enjoy first hari raya in KL so I must say that it is a breathe of fresh air. The thing is, for me what matter most is the family. So,wherever they are it is there that you should be too. It doesn’t only apply for biological family, but also to those near to you, of whom you have accepted as family. They matter most as after all the waves that hit you, gust that waver you, and fire that tries to burn you: it is them who’ll continue to stand beside you. So, learn to appreciate them and just accept whatever shortcoming they have. I’m trying to do so anyway.

23rd september marks the beginning of me becoming a responsible legal-age citizen. Every action of mine should be mindful of others but not blinded by what we said spoon-fed culture. Every thought of mine should reflect a sound and articulate judgement made with due reasoning and and obtained facts and not childish-brashness and hasty answers. Every feelings must be conveyed through whatever media I’m comfortable of and not left at the nook corner of my heart, as a hidden feeling is also a hidden agenda. And there is too much hidden agenda as it is now. I’m refusing any handicapped awarded with the notion that I’m still young and green. The only way for me to move forward is to learn on accepting bitter taste and pain as part and parcel of life. I also have to learn that all things beautiful and nice might not be that nice and beautiful close up.

“age is just numbers, maturity is a state of mind”

All in all, what matter most is me. If I am not the catalyst of change for myself, then all that I’ve written is only a written propaganda. If the changes I’m hopeful of are only mere words then the strength of it is just black enough for the eyes to read. Steps must now be bold enough with conviction in the eyes. Speeches must be of certain weight or should not be mouthed at all. It’s an uphill battle, I know.

So,would you help me realize all this? 😉

p/s: opening a bookshop is always my dream 😀

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