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Hari Malaysia. Mind your trap. Meeting of mind.

September 17, 2008

Malaysia was born on 16th of September 1963. Remember remember the 16th of september.:-) Happy Malaysia Day to all of us who is proud to call ourselves Malaysians.I am thankful that we are all still here without any parang flying and stone throwed incidents. Let us take note of what happen around us, and learn on how not to be like it. Its not that hard, we just have to learn how not to depend to much on help and to work ourself hard in achieving our goals. And try not to live in a safety bubble where mentally-challenge individuals surround you and kept saying that everything is on your side, when obviously its not.Can you step outside your bubble before it burst?

i really hate it when someone make remarks that they are not responsible of. Yes , hate is a strong word. But unless we make it clear that we wouldn’t tolerate such a thing, others wouldn’t change their mindset. We always blurt whatever we want to say. Whatever we think anyone else would like to hear. Whatever that can save our back. But, it doesn’t work that way,bro. The truth may hurts the most, but it would’ve healed earlier than lies. Lets be mindful of what others might feels when we said a certain thing. Racial, religious, geographical slurs must NOT be nurtured in our young minds

Last night the meeting last for 4.5 hours. My mom said theres no such things in the private sector. Heck, the meeting last as long as when the PM and his DPM meets to reassure themselves that nothing will separate them. hehe. A lot of things discussed, involving petty stuffs and crucual matter. I’ve left them to fend themselves when grilled. I even when as far as becoming the griller himself. But I guess at least now the others would realize that you can’t expect me to tell everything to you. We have to learn to stand on our own two feet sometimes. Nonetheless, I’m congratulating my mates for still being there after all that we faced and withstand. Trust me, that in the end all of us will be a better man and woman. Its a continuous learning process that we must sooner or later face. But, please don’t slack off and think that I am not watching all of you. Just because you didn’t see my face it wouldn’t mean I’m not there. We are all here for each others. taa~

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  1. September 19, 2008 6:32 pm

    there is no incidents of parang flying…yet. but if the malaysian politics still havent come to peace, parang will flying sooner than you think. come to realise, we already had ‘photographer grabbing’ incident. tanda2 awal. hehe.

    btw, love the new layout 🙂

  2. afiq syarifuddin permalink*
    September 19, 2008 8:01 pm

    @dfarhana–our politic need to be accept changes and not be afraid of know when our time is learn how to let go.hehe.

    cute kn layout.tapi i tak reti camne nk gerakkn template yang kt atas.huhu.

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