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a lot.will me please.

September 2, 2008

sometimes I bite a lot more than I can matter how hard I’ve tried, I can’t seem to be able to defend myself from it happening again and again. people may have contradictory views of this. whether I deserved it or it is my greed of power, I myself couldn’t make certain. but for the time being, all I know is I am a final-year student and also a college president. and I’ve broke up from my one year relationship with someone dear to me.

breaking up is never a clean situation.the drama that follows. the anguish of broken heart. never say that the person who asked for the break up is not also hurt. it hurts me even more to utter the words than apologizing for something that I haven’t done.this is the one particular reason why I didn’t blog for a while.sometimes we write something we didn’t meant to, and we might regret it.I will not ruin a beautiful thing that has happened.

And in the midst of all that, I accepted the president post. This is due to three reasons, I LOVE 5th, the juniors wouldn’t have a good memory of the seniors if we all behave like this and I’m trying to bring changes for the better. But, I barely survived last year job’s hazard and pain. The thing is, if I had every support from the ones that are near to me it wouldn’t felt as burdensome. But, they tortured me emotionally, saying things badly, not supporting me. I’m trying to balance things up. I don’t want to neglect those near to me. Nonetheless, do understand that its not easy to do so. If its easy everyone would be doing it,dear.

So, I implore all of you my dear dear friends. Please understand that I have bear the responsibilities of my actions and decisions. And please see the big picture, i didn’t miss my classes purposely anymore. I didn’t messed up my part of the assigments. And I still did the planning for all of our assignments. Please do give me a break. I can’t always guide you like a prophet. You have to stand on your own to feet and move like you’ve earned the right to move on to third year. I’m not saying I’ll pull my arm from shouldering the burdens. Do understand, if you didn’t get to sleep due to doing touch up on the assignment I would be next to you not sleeping too.

We are supposed to be friends….can we please act like one now?


p/s: D, this is not directed to you in anyway. I’m glad you are still backing me up after all this chaotic situations.

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  1. September 12, 2008 11:52 pm

    wanna know something? i’ll back you up eventho if you are the wrong party :p

  2. afiq syarifuddin permalink*
    September 14, 2008 1:15 pm


    i’m really happy with that,D.but do keep check on me. 🙂

    If I’m costantly on the wrong side of the highway, sooner or later I’ll get hit by a bus.we definitely don’t want that kn? 😉

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