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Late reply.Another view.What is right and what is not?

June 4, 2008

late reply as I need to check my facts right.

In 20 years we might have depleted our oil wells. Then, our real problem would start. 60% of our GDP still comes from exporting primarily crude oils. If we haven’t started to build a new economic foundation now, there is the possibility of true hardship in the future.

Islam Hadhari is the brainwork of Pak Lah (I don’t know how much of this statement is really true) BUT when else do youe hear about them except when it is first being coined and when the general election coming round. Does it work in the university, where it is supposedly need to be disemminated through the young mind to ensure that this idea will work? The University peoples are busy bickering among each other, demanding their portion of the big pie, and making funds harder to get by while easier to ‘vanished’.

He laud for accountability. Very loudly I must say. But, does the loud ‘Bang’ accompanied with equally big action? I can only see a lot more cover up being done. I can only see another issue being highlighted just so the other issue is being kept silenced. How long do we have to continue feeling like this? How long do we have to know yet assumed everybody know so we don’t have to make known of it?

These are my views. Whats yours?

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  1. July 28, 2008 12:21 am

    your blog, is an interesting find i must say.


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