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A good leader.Face the challenge.Cowered behind a chair.

June 1, 2008

What is a good leader? Is it someone could get thing done or someone who could make a different? Is it someone who have thousands of follower who will listen and follow what he said or someone who have followers that will listen and follow only the right thing that he said and defended only the view that  is right? Is it someone who listen blindly to what his advisor said or someone who is not afraid to decide on the right thing although his advisor prompted otherwise?

As a leader we must face the challenge. Challenges comes every minute of your life as a leader. Do you succumbed to it or do you face it bavely? You cannot accept the role as a leader and not shoulder the weight of your decision on a challenge. You cannot refuse to continue just when you felt like the resistance from others is greater that support you had. But you cannot continue to lead when you already seen that the damage you brings in is proportionately greater than the good you introduce. As such, you are no longer a good leader and you must lay you armour down and let someone with newer sinuity to carry on.

To cowered behind a chair is not the quality of a leader. To keep on repeating that the chair you hold is backed by all when secretly you know that these bigger and stronger hyenas are gnawing on the chair legs to tore it down, is just wrong. You should leave when you know the battle is nearing to a lost, and plan a better strategy to win the war. You should not believe the colourfully-painted canvas that the people who seem close to you show. You should learn to accept that you did wrong and sometimes to make it right all you have to do is leave.

In V for Vendetta, V said “If you’re looking for the guilty, you only need to look into the mirror”.

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  1. June 1, 2008 7:46 pm

    a leader is a someone who could make a difference. and every leader who have been chosen ought to have to right to plan/do the difference. a leader should be respected and not been critized even before he start his plan. the EX-LEADER should accept the fact that HE IS NO LONGER ON THE HOT SEAT thus have to be calm and zip up his mouth from giving comments that can shatter the trust that have not yet been planted. if this EX thinks that current leader is no more the candy of his eye, talk PRIVATELY instead of using MEDIA who are well known to exaggarate things.

    wahh. i emo. politics sucks actually.

  2. afiq syarifuddin permalink*
    June 1, 2008 11:52 pm

    i like your viewpoint. But…
    how much time does he need?
    he already got about 5 years.
    the EX-LEADER brought change before his 5th year tenure. Our second prime minister brought change on the day he assume power (national council)….

    so, how long more do you reckon our current HOT SEAT need?

  3. June 3, 2008 1:50 pm

    if the EX can sit at the HOT SEAT for 20years, then let him have 20 years. haha. different person have its own ability. maybe he like to do things slowly. as i like to say, “appreciate his uniqueness”. for crying out loud, you can’t compare him to the ONE who should be watering his gardens or going to ‘kelas agama’ (mind you, that is what retired people do) instead of giving bad comments that can shattered the country. they are 2 totally diff person. like me & u. cute me & less cute u :p

    the first thing he did was introduced Islam Hadhari. That obviously shows how much he cares for Islam. We need lots of people like him considering Islam itself, nowadays are too modernized(?).

    skyscrapers are built to boost the ego of the so-called-retired self. we dont need more skyscrapers and that is why MY BELOVED LEADER chose a different approach.


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