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A story.Underlying meaning.For you to know.

May 31, 2008

There is a story about a boy who once walk into a forest. This boy walked into the forest for no apparent reason nor was he told to do so. He chose just for the sake of choosing and knowing that it is his choice to make. He saw an opprtunity to do so and he grab it. It is by notion that when you walk straight into a tall fern farm, you should chose your fern and not turn back to pick the one you’ve left behind. This is to avoid being lost and teaches the value of most opprtunity come just once.

So, retuning to the story. The boy chose to walk into the forest. He walked. And he walked more. He saw beautiful god-created creatures. He saw colourful flowers and interesting animals. And he walked, lost in the beautiful-ness and interesting-ness. The typical human behaviour of being captivated by wonderful beings and anything new crept in. Soon, the boy reached a junction.

A junction is a decision to make. But how? He saw one with lots of shrub and thick thorn. And the other one cleared and with with proper walkway. But which should he choose? Every choice is weighted with the uncertainty of what might lies beneath it. Something beautiful and safe might not seem as much in the end. Something difficult and hurtful might offer rewards and self-discovery in the future.

The truth is, I don’t know if this story has an end. But I do know the story reflected what most of us felt.

~I’m contricted. I’m shackled. I’m undecided. I’m not sure. I’m suffocated. I’m waiting. I’m h

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