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New shoes.New T-shirts.Not new me.

May 29, 2008

I think I always find a way to be reclusive when I’m sad and mad with someone. I figure I can make it sail away if i waited long enough. I wish I would be better in time that I chose to face the blinding light of truth. How I was wrong. Nothing new would change if it isn’t initiated. Nothing new is new when all it truly is thick silicone covering the inadequacy and bloodied wound underneath. It is no new shoes, mate.

How I wish that the cover up that I pose in front of all is actually the real truth. How I wish all sadness that ever happened are just dreams harming my beautiul night. But the cover up is just a t-shirt to cover up my undesirable turmoil and pain. It is just to avoid question from the unwanted and speculation from spur-gossipers. All in all, whats happening now is just a new t-shirt for me to shun the limelight.

The limelight is always my greatest enemy. I never like attention that I didn’t seek. It is suffocating and not even for my own good. But as it is, the one that I really seek is the one which shying away. The one that refuses to give in. The one that think it is not to parted with, especially to me. I really am sad because of it. And for you grace information, I’ve never change. This is not the new me.

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