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To forgive.To forget.Not to.

May 27, 2008

It is not easy to forgive. Especially when you’ve been continuously hurted. Some would even say that to forgive then, would mean you’re not being honourable. You’re letting the person to have another chance to have a go at you. Which might landed you into another acidic hole. To forgive once or even thrice is not to much to ask, but what happens when it happen again?

It’s easy to forgive if someone call you names, accidently elbowed you, is late. But, it’s not so easy when your heart is hurted. When the words said is all for the purpose of winning the unscathed. When you forget the other person’s heart and feelings is also on the line.

I wish to forget all that have been said and done. I wish to let it go. I wish to start afresh. I wish that all of this never happened. But, to forget allowed this wound to be tored again in the future. To forget is to tell everyone that I didn’t mind being treated like that.

So, I will not forgive just yet. To forgive easily again would mean that I no longer love myself. I will wait for you to earn that forgiveness. For you to realized that I’ve forgave you too much for your own good. But, do understand that I still love you.

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