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waiting.being patience.have limits.

May 14, 2008

I’ve been waiting for all my life. I have not just waited, I did take actions to make the waiting doesn’t seem to labourious and stagnant. What bother me most is certain people see this waiting as lack of initiative. Waiting as to impose her a punishment for her wrongdoing. And, certain people see this waiting as if it’s not what they, with their level of authority, should be doing. But, the worse of all there are people who made people wait just for their pure enjoyment and as a medium to show who is in power.

I have the patience to wait. To wait is what I learnt from very young age. I seriously have learnt to withstand the pure boredom and that sheer nothingness in the compartmentalize waiting room. I don’t mind waiting for someone to finish up before we go. I don’t mind waiting long till I get what I want. I don’t mind if people tried to make the waiting not to imposing.

But, I do have limits. If we have agreed on a prescribed time way earlier and there is no sudden imposing reason to veer off from that what we agree upon, I strongly believe we should adhere to it. It shows how importance a person is to you. I don’t mind waiting if at that moment I’m a walk-in, but I would mind if you treated it as an approval for you to let others in first. I don’t mind if the room is packed and I’ve to wait for hours, but I would mind if you lost my application when clearly you’ve been fooling around with workmates.


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