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I need cash.dependancy.insecurities.

May 13, 2008
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Money is the root of all problems. Everythings need money. Money makes the world go round. These are some quotes that I heard when people talk about money. Coupled with my urgent need to acquire a bulk of cash (not really) by this weekend, it left me in wonders. Why do this form of expression dictates lives and destroys life? Why is it people see money as a free-ticket to do everything and yet didn’t use it for the things that matter most to them. Life.

Beyond my ever thinning bubble of life (my friends implied that i lived in a bubble due to my idealize view of the world) I see that we’ve become overly dependant on the presence of cash. Be it in the form of pieces of paper or plastic card. We use it to travel to work, to eat, and even to go to toilet. We synchronise our feelings in proportion to how thick our pockets are at the moment. we go ballistic when our needs (which doesn’t necessarily be the basic ones) is not met by our capability to sustain. We blame others; Saying that the salary is not enough, the price of goods is to high, cost of living is exhorbitant, the government is not paying enough, etc.

What really came out of this is insecurities. Our disbelieve on the motion that to lead a sustainable life all we really need is only the basic one are miraculously shallow. It’s as if we’ve been brainwashed in the middle of the night to believe that we need all the shining new ornamentals in life. But the truth is we can. We have to stop believing that advertisement posted on the billboard. We have to stop garnishing our mind with euphoric environment created by our easily manipulated point of view. Till the end, all we should muster is self-restrain from doing things beyond our mean.

I really do believe that we can. Inflation is the mind game a country against another. The price of oil and rice have risen due to our over-dependant on them being taken advantage of by price speculator and the shallow mind of our government. In the end, there is only two obvious side. Are we with them or will we go against them?


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